Happy Family Day, Canadians!

It’s Family Day! Many Canadians are celebrating Family Day this February – though we feel that our families are something to be celebrated every day… We’ve got some quality audiobooks on parenting and families. Looking for info on how to be a better family member or a better parent? Try some of these titles: Feeling […]

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Ann Richardson on narrating Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Guest Blog Post: On Narrating Rebecca

When Carlyn Craig, founder and owner of Post Hypnotic Press, came to me with “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm”, I was cautiously excited. I absolutely love stories from this era, hence the excitement. It’s also a classic with well-loved characters; hence the apprehension…I didn’t want to mess it up!  And as I dove into reading the book […]

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Kitty Hendrix on Narrating Edgar Allan

When I began narrating the story of Edgar Allan, it wasn’t long before I recognized that the all-white, affluent, Northern California town in the mid 1960’s that 12 year old Michael Ficket describes was the one that I grew up in at around that same age. This coincidence led me many poignant memories.     […]

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Pure, White and Deadly - Read by Chris MacDonnell

Pure White and Deadly

Read the full post or let Chris read it to you by clicking on the player below.   It isn’t often that the experience of narrating an audio-book can bring about fundamental changes in your everyday life.  Narrating “Pure White and Deadly” had this effect on me. When I was asked to do it my […]

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June is Audiobook Month


BECAUSE WE #LOVEAUDIOBOOKS! This month, we are participating in the initiative JUNE IS AUDIOBOOK MONTH. Begun by the Audio Publishers Association, June is Audiobook Month celebrates the BOOMING Audiobook Industry. In 2016 the industry saw a 24% jump in revenue, bringing in more than 2 billion dollars. An estimated 4000 people are employed by the […]

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Do More Great Work by Mochael Bungay Stanier - narrated by Daniel Maté

New Booth, New Recordings

We are very happy to have Daniel Maté back recording another book for us. This time it is “Do More Great Work” by Michael Bungay Stanier. Author of “The Coaching Habit” and many more great books. And Daniel is the first person to record in our new booth located in the Mount Pleasant area of […]

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On Recording Politics of Resentment, By Coleen Marlo

In The Politics of Resentment, Katherine J. Cramer unlocks and explores an often disregarded part of the ongoing political conundrum we find ourselves in today, which is rural political consciousness and the resentment of the suburban and urban “elite”. Although the book is using Scott Walker and Wisconsin’s long term and intriguing debate about the […]

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Guest Blog Post by Narrator Carla Mercer-Meyer

I had heard of borderline personality before starting on this book, not only because a close member of my family had been diagnosed with this, but also because I had taken just enough psychology courses to understand the term sufficiently enough to jokingly tease with a close friend about someone who I really thought was incredibly difficult […]

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