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Sub Title:  The Politics of Control
Author:  Lawrence Martin
Narrator:  Michael Puttonen
Audio Book Length:  9 Hrs 15 Min
# of Audio CD's:  8
# of MP3 CD's:  2
Audio CD ISBN:  978-1-926910-64-2
MP3 CD ISBN:  978-1-926910-65-9
Download ISBN:  978-1-926910-62-8



"A Thorough and Reasonable Assessment of Harper"
"An Ominous Warning for all Canadians"


After four years in power, Stephen Harper's governance comes under the microscope of prominent Globe and Mail columnist Lawrence Martin. Focusing on the growth of executive power under Harper and drawing on interviews with prominent insiders, Martin probes the smearing of opponents, the silencing of the public and diplomatic service, the secrecy, the prorogations, the unprecedented centralizing of power, and the attempted muzzling of the media.

He examines controversies such as the existence of a secret dirty-tricks handbook, the Chuck Cadman affair, campaign financing, the dismissal of nuclear power head Linda Keen, the Afghan detainees cover-up, the turning of access-to-information laws into barricades to information, and more--and lets readers draw their own conclusions. Tough but balanced, Harperland offers a clear picture of a skilled politician at a crucial point in Canadian politics.


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