On Recording Politics of Resentment, By Coleen Marlo

In The Politics of Resentment, Katherine J. Cramer unlocks and explores an often disregarded part of the ongoing political conundrum we find ourselves in today, which is rural political consciousness and the resentment of the suburban and urban “elite”. Although the book is using Scott Walker and Wisconsin’s long term and intriguing debate about the […]

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Guest Blog Post by Narrator Carla Mercer-Meyer

I had heard of borderline personality before starting on this book, not only because a close member of my family had been diagnosed with this, but also because I had taken just enough psychology courses to understand the term sufficiently enough to jokingly tease with a close friend about someone who I really thought was incredibly difficult […]

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New - Dark Age America and i-Minds

New – Dark Age America and i-Minds

Dark Age America by John Michael Greer Narrated by Michael Dowd Click Here to Download Author and historian John Michael Greer uses his understanding of past collapses to map out what the next 500 years or so might look like as globalization ends and North American civilization reaches the end of its life-cycle and enters the […]

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Dylan Thomas reading A Child's Christmas in Wales

Dylan Thomas – A Child’s Christmas in Wales

Caedmon Records, a pioneer in the audiobook business, was the first company dedicated to selling spoken word recordings to the public. Formed in New York in 1952 by college graduates Barbara Holdridge and Marianne Roney, their first release was a collection of poems by Dylan Thomas as read by the author.  It was the B-side […]

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Betty MacDonald Reading Tour

Award-winning narrator Heather Henderson and writer and historian Paula Becker joined forces to host a series of readings and discussions about Betty MacDonald and her classic bestselling books The Egg and I, The Plague and I, Anybody Can Do Anything, and Onions in the Stew. What a way to make audiobooks come to life! In […]

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Kim Stolz - Unfriending my Ex

New Release in Audio! Unfriending my EX

New Release in Audio – Unfriending My Ex (And Other Things I’ll Never Do), by Kim Stolz A fun read for anyone, and it might help older generations understand their kid’s obsessions with social media! An incisive, hilarious, and brutally honest memoir about life online and about how our obsessive connectivity is making us more disconnected—from […]

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Summer Shorts 14

Spoken Freely Presents – Summer Shorts 14

June is Audiobook Month (JIAM) and we’re pleased to be participating this year in the Summer Shortsseries of blog audio releases. Spoken Freely, a group of more than 40 professional narrators, have teamed with Going Public and Tantor Media to record a collection of poetry, short stories, and essays. Throughout June, one or two recordings […]

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Becoming the Kind Father by Calvin Sandborn

A Heartwarming Listen Released Just In Time For Fathers Day

Fathers out there should consider this book as a Father’s Day Gift to themselves! BECOMING THE KIND FATHER is a book of rare courage and honesty – memoir, spiritual meditation, psycho-sociological essay, self-help book – BECOMING THE KIND FATHER is all these. In BECOMING THE KIND FATHER, Calvin Sandborn remembers, and re-imagines his relationship with […]

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Audiobook Publisher's Conference 2014

Audiobook Publisher’s Conference 2014

I’ve just returned home from a week in fabulous New York, where I was honoured to be a participant in the Publisher’s Panel at the annual Audiobook Publisher’s Association Conference (APAC). I was the small publisher on this year’s panel, and felt like a mouse among the elephants, but we all have to start somewhere. […]

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