Betty MacDonald Reading Tour

Betty MacDonald Reading Series
Betty MacDonald Reading Series

Award-winning narrator Heather Henderson and writer and historian Paula Becker joined forces to host a series of readings and discussions about Betty MacDonald and her classic bestselling books The Egg and I, The Plague and I, Anybody Can Do Anything, and Onions in the Stew. What a way to make audiobooks come to life!

In addition to reading selections from the Betty MacDonald novels we’ve published, Heather Henderson talked about the process and business of audiobook narration. A common misconception is that producing a professional audiobook is an easy job, but it really takes a lot of work. Heather talked about the prep required, the process ofrecording, proofing and editing.

Betty MacDonald Reading Tour Poster
Betty MacDonald Reading Tour Poster

As a professional narrator, Heather reads the books she’s hired to read, whatever they may be. Sometimes, she get’s to read great books like Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan, soon to be a movie, but sometimes she has to read books that might not be to her taste. The MacDonald books are something else altogether. Heather had long wanted to record Betty MacDonald, but it wasn’t until she met Carlyn Craig at Post Hypnotic Press, a boutique publisher with an eclectic catalogue, that she found someone who was also enthusiastic about producing these books. After a long negotiation with Brant & Hochman Literary Agents and Betty’s estate, Heather and Carlyn finally got the go-ahead to record these books.

And to really give these readings contexts, after Heather read several selections she was followed by Paula Becker, whose biography of Betty MacDonald will be published in the fall of 2016 by University of Washington Press. She talked about about Betty’s history accompanied by a short slide show. The event wrapped up with a lively Q&A in each town.

Betty MacDonald Reading TourVisiting these locations – all significant to Betty MacDonald’s life and work –reading selections from Betty’s memoirs and hearing a bit of history about her was a real treat. In all three locations, the audience was bigger than expected. On Vashon Island, the event was moved to a room at their award winning high school to accommodate the crowd, who braved a cold and rainy night to attend. At the historic Port Townsend Carnegie Library, extra chairs were quickly needed when twice as many people showed-up than expected. In Shoreline, the event was filled to capacity. We had so much fun that we got dreaming about a summer return – stay tuned 😉



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